Internet Access- Free WiFi internet access is available at and near the Lodge, at the Retreat Cottage, and at other sites around the facility. It is also available at the nearby Mountaineer Motel. Guests at Abrams Creek Center may use the Business Center at the motel. The Internet connection is DSL, so there are no artificial download limits. As a courtesy, we ask guests not to download large files that may impact other's ability to use the Internet.

Laundry - There are laundry facilities at the Lodge, the Retreat Cottage, and the Motel; cost is $4 per load, including wash, dry, and . Because they are on septic systems, the Lodge and Retreat Cottage laundry can be used sparingly. If you use the laundry facilities, please use only our detergent, and do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or any other substances.

Phone - We have guest phones at the Lodge, the Retreat Cottage, and the Motel. These phones are free for all calls in the US and Canada. If you need to receive incoming calls, the phone numbers for each are printed on the phone instruments. We do not offer answering or message service for incoming calls; let us know if you are expecting an urgent call, and we can assist with that.

Cell Phone Service - Cell phone service is not active through most of our land, though text messages often get through. Some cell phones will work near US 50, and most will work at the motel. You are welcome to use our guest phones for your personal or business calls.

Cooking & Snack Facilities - There are full kitchens in the Lodge and the Retreat Cottage. There are microwaves and refrigerators in the Lodge lower level and in each motel room. (Motel rooms are off-site.) We also have a full commercial-style open-air kitchen.

Firewood - Firewood is available across from the Shower House at $5.00 per bundle. Please use the containers there to measure the bundle, but leave the containers there as a "measuring cup"; they are not for transporting the firewood..

Virtual Store - We stock a wide variety of items that are available so that you can spend more time in Nature, and less time on the road.  Just ask one of our staff for a current stock list with prices.  If you don’t see something you need on the list, please ask—we may have that as well!

Recycling and Compost - We try to be good stewards of the earth in whatever ways we can. We are able to reuse or recycle paper, plastic, and metal. Unfortunately, we are *not* able to recycle glass. Please separate these items, and place them in the designated containers in the parking lot area to the left of the Lodge.

166 Abrams Creek Dr.
Elk Garden, WV 26717