The vision of Abrams Creek Center is to provide an affordable venue for life-affirming events. These include workshops and celebrations focused on ecology, permaculture, primitive skills, personal growth, social change, spiritual development, music, the arts, and education of the whole person. We believe that a setting of great natural beauty adds greatly to the growth and healing of the individual, to the power and depth of the event, and to the cohesion and vitality of any organization. We welcome all groups that seek to make a positive contribution to society based in individual freedom, appreciation of diversity, and respect for nature.

When not reserved for exclusive group use, Abrams Creek Center is available for individuals to use the facilities and accommodations. Visit for full details.

We are not only a business, but we also serve as an anchor for others who want to live more simply and close to the earth. The concept of rural revitalization means reinventing rural life so that it is economically sound, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally satisfying. Some of the ideas behind this are discussed here:

166 Abrams Creek Dr.
Elk Garden, WV 26717